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For the best payroll services, Ponelopele Pay solutions is the perfect place to look. At Ponelopele Pay Solutions, we provide cost effective, efficient and holistic payroll solutions. We guarantee proficient and friendly guidance to our clients all through their unique payroll inquiries, and payroll solutions which always lead practical outcomes.

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Our Services


Payroll processing

Payroll processing includes payroll processing procedures usually developed through payroll processing firms.

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Payroll tax services

Payroll tax are taxes imposed on employees as a percentage on their income generated thru employment.

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Labour related issues

Labour related issues is a widely used umbrella term to describe various labour processes involved in employment.

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Payment solutions

We pride ourselves in being the best payment service provider and for fostering best payment solution for our clients.

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Our Professional Payroll Services

Our holistic solutions cater professional payroll services inclusive of labour compliance management, payroll processing and payroll taxes for small and large corporations in both public and private sector.

Why we are the best payroll service provider

Beyond our holistic, efficient and cost-effective professional payroll solutions, we are the best corporate payroll service provider for a number of many other reasons:

Friendly environment

From the first encounter with Ponelopele, our clients immediately feel a friendly, professional and inviting atmosphere. We thrive to continuously deliver excellent payroll service in a pleasant manner and continuously maintain a comfortable space for all our clients.

Solutions that parallel with our client needs

For all payroll services, compliance and payment solutions that we offer, we understand that our client’s needs are different. We design payroll solutions that streamline with the nature and unique needs of our clients. We ensure that our client receive exclusivity for their payroll enquiries.

Efficient communication

We always aim to eliminate confusion. We provide clear distinction of responsibility discussed at initial engagement. We do not make promises which we cannot deliver. In order to achieve the most efficient communication with our clients, we are frequently in communication with them as much as necessary.

Commitment to payroll industry based professional standards

Our commitment to payroll industry based professional standards ensure that our clients, big and small receive payroll solutions that align with payroll industry standards. Our clients remain compliant at all times with payroll industry requirements. We use advanced software applications with payroll solutions industry.

Prompt and timely service

Time and timing are key in providing payroll services. We provide technological and specialised solutions to our clients to process payroll information we receive thereby deliver a prompt service at all times. We provide for effective and quick correspondence with our clients.

Confidentiality, quality and reliability

Our clients can always expect secure processing of their payroll information with us. We are strict and aware of the fragility of payroll information. Therefore, we have placed systems and procedures in place to ensure protection of personal information in accordance with the POPI Act (Protection of Personal Information Act)

We are committed to delivering a quality service to meet and exceed our clients’ expectation. This is one of the key reasons that our clients trust and stay with Ponelopele Pay Solutions for reliable and secure professional payroll services.

Further factors which add value to our payroll services is that we are always enthusiastic about taking that extra mile for our clients.

For all our clients, we create a backup cloud which is constantly updated and maintained. A general ledger interface is created in order to ease across payroll and control account. We deliver payslips straight to our client’s door for free of charge. Our customers get access to their infoslips for 5 years. We safe guard against payroll errors and payslip fraud. We offer our clients paperless payslips that are customised to suit their brands as well as debit card designs that are customised to suit their brands.

How we can help you

Ponelopele makes payroll services easy for you, we solve all your payroll solutions, we ensure that you are always compliant, we provide professional and expert advice, and we make sure that that you ease through each month with peace of mind.

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